Cubans pray during Mass Sept. 16 at the Havana home of Libertad Infante, who has been hosting Mass on the patio for 20 years. Construction is underway on a new church in the neighborhood, named after St. John Paul II (CNS photo/Enrique de la Osa, Reuters).

Interview with Ambassador Miguel Diaz on Pope Francis’ Trip to Cuba

In a special interview on “America This Week,” Ambassador Miguel Diaz talks about Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Cuba in light of his own Cuban-American upbringing and his time as U.S. ambassador to the Holy See. You can listen to his conversation with Tim Reidy and Kerry Weber below.

In the September 22 issue of America,  Ambassador Diaz writes on his “hyphenated life” between Cuba and the United States, and looks forward with eagerness to the pope’s visit to his two countries:

From this space, I offer these reflections as someone who deeply loves and cares for both the country of his birth and the country I now claim as my home. Pope Francis’ invitation to embody God’s mercy in an increasingly globalized world of human indifference and his relentless affirmation of the preferential option for poor, marginalized and oppressed people presents a valuable challenge to Cuban and American societies. As pontifex maximus, the greatest of bridge-builders, Pope Francis comes to the United States and Cuba ready to usher in a new spring in human relations within and between these two nations, which have been sociopolitically separated by more than a mere 90 miles.

“A Tale of Two Countries” is available in English and in Spanish.