Flags of some of the 193 full member-countries of the United Nations are seen outside the U.N. General Assembly building in New York City, June 30. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz).

Pope Francis Addresses the United Nations — Follow America’s Live Coverage

Pope Francis spoke to the General Assemby today. Video of the speech is below, and the full text is available here.

The pope will remind delegates of the need for a conversion in the developed world, rethinking consumption patterns that generate global inequities and immiserate the world’s most vulnerable.” America‘s chief correspondent Kevin Clarke has five points to keep in mind as Pope Francis addresses the United Nations.

It’s true we don’t do religion at the U.N., but we need inspiration, and he is totally inspiring.”— Kevin Clarke speaks with Joseph Donnelly, the Permanent Delegate to the United Nations for Caritas Internationalis.

Pope Francis is making it a little easier for fieldworkers like Caritas to gain access to power discussions in the United Nations.” — Kevin Clarke on a Catholic agenda for sustainable development.

Pope Francis is not coming as a scold but as a guide to help us find a solution to the paradox of the poverty of the spirit in the rising sea of affluence.” — Jeffrey Sachs on the compelling, universal message the pope will bring to the United Nations.

In his speech to the United Nations on April 18, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI told the assembly that humanitarian intervention “was implicit in the founding of the United Nations, and in fact, it increasingly characterizes its activity.” — Drew Christiansen, S.J., former editor in chief of America, on the duty to protect.

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