A Reflection on Our ‘America’ Community

The Holy Father’s recent visit to the United States has prompted much reflection on our community, our purpose and our collective hopes for the church in this country.

As a community of Catholic leaders, we seek a common end: to heal the breach in civil society with conversations, centered around faith, that transcend ideolog­ical or partisan interests. Faith and reason together must remain a cornerstone of our civic discourse.

The America Media community feels a deep connection to the Jesuits and our mission to “find God in all things”—a connection that nourishes us spiritually and intellectually, inspiring conversation and action. The testimonial accounts of some of our long-time America Associates are evidence of the good work of this ministry.

America Associates teach with America, pray with America and discuss church and global events, using America to lead the conversation. Whether they use our content to help prepare a weekly homily or a weekly lesson plan, America’s smart, Catholic take on faith and culture makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of those they serve.

The America Associates are a diverse community of leaders, scholars, politicians, business men and women, clergy, teachers, volunteers and community members, who are committed to pursuing the truth in love, in having a civic and ecclesial conversation that is intelligent, balanced and above all charitable.

Please consider becoming an America Associate today. Your support will ensure that America will continue to lead the conversation for years to come. And please be assured of our prayerful best wishes.