With the Pope at Ground Zero

Sep 26, 2015 Francis X. Clooney

From start to finish, the memorial service at Ground Zero was a time of shared prayer, a remarkable interfaith moment of praying together.

Heralding a Change of Direction at the UN?

Sep 25, 2015 Gerard O'Connell

Francis devoted a sizable part of his talk to “the ecological crisis.” He highlighted the damage that had been done, and is being done, to planet earth, “our common home.”

John Boehner’s Legislative Vocation, and Ours

Sep 25, 2015 Sam Sawyer, S.J.

Pope Francis’ message to Congress, especially his thoughts on the vocation of legislators and the call to dialogue, is deeply connected to the issues behind Mr. Boehner’s resignation. And those issues are further connected to our own vocations as citizens in this democracy.

Pope’s East Harlem Homework: ‘Pray for Me’

Sep 25, 2015 Catholic News Service

The pope’s visit to Our Lady Queen of Angels was a reminder of the role of Catholic education and its historic mission in parish communities of stressing academics and imparting church values to generations of children, often immigrants, struggling to adjust to a new country and culture.

At UN Pope Francis Seeks Dignity for All

Sep 25, 2015 Meghan Clark

The dual emphasis on those living on the margins of society and the environment is foundational for Pope Francis’s theological ethics. For the 2030 development agenda to succeed, it similarly needs prioritize inclusion of the marginalized and protection of the environment.